PHS Young Republicans Club Struggles with Being a Minority

The Princeton High School Young Republicans Club has recently undergone a crisis of sorts dealing with the fact that they represent a minority faction within the school. In this exclusive interview, The Dungeon sat down with PHS Young Republicans Club president Rick Bachman ‘14 and club treasurer Bristol McCain ‘16, who informed us of the harrowing experiences that Princeton High’s Young Republicans face, as a minority, on a daily basis.

What makes you, as Republicans, identify as a minority all of a sudden?

Bachman: Simply put, its the numbers. There are more of them than there are of us.

When did you realize you were a minority?

Bachman: Well, here in the People’s Republic of Princeton we stick out like a sore thumb. The Republicans in this town have always been few in numbers but its gotten to the point that people forget we’re even here! They just assume were Democrats!

McCain: About a month ago at a club meeting [Bachman] brought it up, and from there it just became more and more apparent.

How has being a minority changed your day to day lives?

Bachman: Discrimination follows us everywhere. People refer to us by offensive terms like “right-wing.” Only we can say that. That’s our word!

McCain: We’re also faced with a lot of negative stereotypes. Everybody just assumes that my dad owns a company and drives a Mercedes, just because they’ve seen him driving his Mercedes to the office of the company he owns. Open your eyes, people!

How has being a minority affected your ability to do things as a club?

Bachman: We try really hard to keep things in line with the Republican Party platform, and as Chris Matthews has probably already beat to death, that means suppressing minorities. It has become harder and harder to do that now that we are a minority.

McCain: Arizona, Pennsylvania, they’re all trying to stop minorities from voting. Our club should be supporting them one hundred percent, but I still want to vote.

Bachman: And don’t get me started on all the troubles we’ve been having with affirmative action.

How has the club as a whole dealt with this?

McCain: Many members have stopped coming to meetings. The knowledge that we are a minority is very disheartening. I’ve even heard talk of quitting the club altogether. We’ve lost funding from our sponsor, Haliburton.

Bachman: Our club secretary, Mitt Stonewall-Jackson has been a real good sport about it though.

Have there been any positive side effects?

Bachman: Groups that champion their diversity have been jumping to get their hands on [air quotes] “one of us.”

McCain: Many of my friends, who were previously rejected, have since gotten into GAIA.

Thanks so much for joining us, and best of luck with the future of your club.


3 thoughts on “PHS Young Republicans Club Struggles with Being a Minority

  1. Love it, and support it, my man! Am currently also making my own political site, will be up sometime in February, which I would love you to join. I would also love to write a column on this satirical site from time to time. Awesome work, my man!

  2. Clearly it is you who doesn’t understand diversity and acceptance. Republicans are a very real minority at PHS, and as an alumni I can attest to being verbally abused by “diverse” and “accepting” individuals. Gay rights isn’t the only thing the world should be more tolerant of. Just because Liberal students have different ideas than conservatives, doesn’t make them right.

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