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Student Discovers Library Contains Books

A thorough investigation by the Dungeon staff has confirmed the discovery made last Thursday by Princeton High School student Jonathan Stinson ’14: the PHS library contains books.

“And not just a few,” remarks Stinson, “They have lots of them!”

According to Stinson, he was looking for a place to eat his lunch when he stumbled across “this strange collection of papers.” He initially conjectured that the peculiar object was “some sort of video game made out of letters or something,” but the truth proved to be far more shocking.

“I thought maybe it was another student’s project or a teacher’s lesson plans, but then I realized it was a relic from the ages before Kindles.”

While students commonly use the library to check out laptops, surf the web and eat their lunch, the practices of reading and checking out books are almost unheard of. After making his discovery Stinson immediately notified the librarian, who was, according to Stinson “even more horrified and shocked than I was.”

“I always figured they were just really big iPhones,” says Theodore Davidson ‘16. “I even found this one book that just had a list of all these words and their definitions. Must be some sort of avant-garde novel or something.”

Stinson’s discovery is sure to have a monumental impact on the future of the library at Princeton High School.


One thought on “Student Discovers Library Contains Books

  1. Quote from librarian to my friend who was checking out a book “Let me figure out how to check out a book, I’ve never had to do this before.”

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