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PHS Preparing to Pretend to Appreciate Choral Music

As PHS’s Choir and Orchestra prepare for their annual winter concert, those planning on attending the concert undertake an even more challenging task: pretending to appreciate choral and classical music. As they attempt not to look uncultured in front of their friends, PHS students and faculty have finally been brought face to face with their lack of musical knowledge.

Many PHS Students have told The Dungeon that their friends in Choir and Orchestra have an impressive appreciation for the choral and classical genres of music. They themselves, however, are struggling to grasp the concept of music that lacks auto tune and sirens used as musical instruments.

“Choral music is way out of my league,” reports future audience member Matthew Williamson ‘15. “Luckily, I’ve been doing a lot of research, so that all my friends in Choir don’t think I’m some kind of philistine. For instance, did you know that Beethoven was deaf? I think that might explain why his music sounds the way it does.”

Surprisingly, many teachers have had the same problem. “I don’t want to hang my head in shame when the choir director asks me how it was. By attending, I can at least tell him how great the sopranotones were in whatever symphony they were singing,” Dr. Bartlett, a math teacher, told the Dungeon when asked about his concert experience.

While many students have become more informed about classical music this week, most PHS students still prefer the musical stylings of modern bands, such as Nickelback, a perfectly legitimate and talented musical group, who no one deserves to be judged for liking, especially if they’ve had a long day at the office and will thank you to let them listen to whatever they damn well please, Rick.


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