True Blue Plans to Determine What Exactly It Does By Mid-2015

True Blue is one of PHS’s most active clubs. What exactly it is they are actively doing remains something of a mystery to most students. The Dungeon has learned that the club responsible for those sticky notes with kind messages on them has announced that before the summer of 2015 it will put an end to the confusion.

“I think they put up those hearts on Valentine’s Day,” Maddie Rosen ‘16 told the Dungeon “No, wait. That’s student government.”

“My friend is in True Blue, but … I’m sorry, I don’t know what she does. One time I saw her cutting the word ‘respect’ out of construction paper, so I guess that’s something…” says Sasha Reynolds ‘16.

“It’s concerning that people don’t know what we do,” says club member Jonathan Teng ‘15 “We’re a community service group, our job is to help the community. I think. Or maybe it’s something about promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle among the student body? One of those. Either way, it’s pretty important.”

Leadership within the community service group has confirmed the 2015 deadline. “Our mission statement is going to be official and it’s going to concrete,” affirms club leader Johanna Black ‘14. The group has allegedly engaged in various activities ranging from giving out “feel-good” messages and candies to putting up anti-bullying posters. PHS students from all walks of life, however, seem to know very little about what the overarching purpose of these activities is.

True Blue’s planned projects include giving every PHS student five compliments, rapping about the importance of good citizenship, and something called “The Be Yourself Extravaganza.” Black  confirmed that all of these activities would be worked into the “official” statement about what True Blue does.

At press time, True Blue had just unveiled their new slogan, “Help the community have more unity,” which most students agreed was not very helpful in deciphering what they actually do.


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