Netflix Picks Up Homeroom Broadcast

In its first foray into local programming, Netflix has picked up seasons one and two of Princeton High School’s original series, Tiger News. The show stars Tony Chen ’14 and Meggie Loughran ’14 as television news anchors and contains frequently recurring news segments such as sports and weather.

In a press conference regarding the acquisition, Kelly Merryman, VP of content acquisition for Netflix, cited the show’s “outstanding writing” and “professional quality” as reasons for picking up Tiger News. “It has this indescribable quality about it that makes it perfect for streaming.” Merryman said. “Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Orange [Is The New Black], they all share that quality.”

According to Merryman, PHS students, who watch the show weekly in homeroom, have been very supportive of this move.

“I’m a freshman, so I didn’t see the last two seasons,” Daniel Singer ’17 told The Dungeon. “This gives me the chance to catch up on all the episodes I missed!”

Sarah Jackson ’16 reports that her homeroom doesn’t play the show; she is excited that Netflix is giving her the chance to see it. “Over the summer I binge-watched all of Breaking Bad. I can’t wait to binge-watch Tiger News.”

This news has also received a positive reaction from the show’s stars. “I’m just glad we’re reaching a larger audience,” Tiger News Weatherman Andrew Goldstein ’14 told The Dungeon. Merryman projects that Tiger News will see increased viewership on Netflix and during its regular homeroom programming slot. “We saw this happen with hits like Mad Men,” she told The Dungeon. “People catch up on Netflix and then watch the latest episodes live.” The homeroom broadcast production crew is working  to ensure they can meet this increased demand.

Currently busy with production on season three, Chen and Loughran were not available to comment.

“I just can’t wait,” says Goldstein. “You’re looking great Netflix subscribers!”


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