Save the Elephants Club Protests Lack of Elephants on School Board

For several months, the members of PHS’s Save the Elephants Club have devoted themselves to protecting elephants from poaching and habitat loss. The club’s main goals thus far have been raising money to donate to the World Wildlife Foundation and educating PHS students about the dangers elephants face. The group now hopes to tackle a new problem: the shocking lack of elephants on the Princeton Board of Education.

“How are we supposed to make PHS students care about endangered elephants when the elephant community isn’t even represented on the Princeton school board?” asks exasperated club member Jonas Schultz ‘15, who describes Princeton Public Schools’ failure to recruit a single elephant to the school board as “blatant discrimination.”

After their initial protests were ignored, club leaders attempted to sue the school board and were shocked to find not a single elephant serving on the jury.

Additionally, Save the Elephants Club has demanded that the school board widen PHS’s doors and raise its ceilings, in order to make the school more elephant-accessible. The club has also complained about the cafeteria’s lunch options, which come nowhere close to fulfilling an elephant’s required daily intake of 400 pounds of vegetation.

“I understand that Princeton Public Schools is in need of a new superintendent,” continued Schultz. “I sincerely hope they consider hiring an elephant.”


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