Student Life

PHS Opens Satellite Campus in Cleghorn, Iowa

Earlier this week, the Princeton High School administration announced the opening of PHS’s newest satellite campus, located in the town of Cleghorn, Iowa. Students and faculty alike were excited by the news of PHS’s bold expansion. As of now, over 1,000 eager students have enrolled in Princeton High School at Cleghorn.

“Princeton High School offers a unique set of academic and extracurricular opportunities,” says administration official Jay Morton. “However, we all agreed that PHS could not reach its full potential without making these opportunities available to the good people of Cleghorn, Iowa.”

PHS at Cleghorn boasts the same exceptional academic programs that distinguish PHS at Princeton from other schools. Many PHS teachers have already packed their bags and taken their talents over to the school’s Cleghorn campus, determining that their services will be of far greater use there. PHS at Cleghorn’s athletic program is also off to a booming start. Later this week, Cleghorn swimmers will travel 1,271 miles by bus, to challenge PDS in the most anticipated match of the season.

The administration considered opening the campus in the nearby town of Clive, Iowa, but ultimately determined that Cleghorn was the place to be.

PHS students are thrilled about the new campus. “Honestly, I can enjoy PHS so much more, now that I know that Cleghorn, Iowa residents are having the same high school experience as I am,” reports Dave Hank ‘14. “Some of my friends are transferring to the new Cleghorn campus. I’m thinking of doing the same.”


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