African Child Sponsored by Prayer Group Comes Out as Gay–Sponsorship Revoked

Last year, Princeton High School’s Prayer Group began charitably sponsoring Mawuli, a young African boy in need of assistance. This sponsorship, which helped provide Mawuli with basic necessities such as food and water, was going rather well until earlier this week when Mawuli revealed to the public that he is a homosexual. Following his announcement, Prayer Group elected to cancel their sponsorship.

“We just couldn’t support someone who doesn’t follow the Bible, even if he’s in Africa,” Prayer Group President Hezekiah Abraham ‘14, told the Dungeon.“We expect people in all parts of the world to blindly follow the same rules we do here.”

According to club treasurer, Rebekah Ezekiel ‘15, the choice was not an easy one. “We thought about helping him pray [the gay] away,” she told The Dungeon. “But given the distance between us and him it didn’t seem feasible. This is going to be tough for Mawuli, but he needs to learn his lesson. If he really wants to have sex with men, he should just join the Catholic Church. ”

As a result of the revoked sponsorship, life remains grim for Mawuli and his partner Amadi. Without funding from Prayer Group, the two young lovers remain faced with such troubles as hunger, disease and homophobia. Prayer Group’s decision is not the only obstacle their relationship faces. Mawuli and Amadi may never get a chance to marry, as a marriage ceremony could cost them up to 500,000 Namibian dollars (roughly 4 USD).

Following this news, concern for Mawuli has spread throughout the school. Even students without affiliations to Prayer Group have begun to worry about Mawuli’s future. Citing previous Prayer Group sponsorships, Alex Richards ‘16 believes things won’t end well for Mawuli. “When Prayer Group ends a deal like this, they’re making a statement,” he said “Just look at what happened to their last sponsoree, Philip Seymour Hoffman.”

“Helping those in need is very important to us,” continued Abraham. “That is, as long as those in need lead the exact same type of lifestyle we do.” The group has announced plans to reinstate Mawuli’s sponsorship upon confirmation that he has been cured.

Prayer Group was also shocked to learn that Mawuli is a licensed abortionist.


7 thoughts on “African Child Sponsored by Prayer Group Comes Out as Gay–Sponsorship Revoked

  1. I completely understand that this is a joke article. However there are still things in this that are not only wrong, but also completely inappropriate even as a joke setting. First, he isn’t even African, he is from Bangladesh, and is a real person; jokes like this are offensive to him. However, my main point is, not only does this put PHS Prayer Group in an unnecessarily bad light, it could be considered religious persecution and this is a topic completely inappropriate to joke about, regardless of one’s opinion about it. Within prayer group itself we have many different views about homosexuality. It is completely inappropriate and offensive to joke about this. I’m not trying to blame you for putting us and this subject in a bad light, but for future reference, please understand how hurtful this is to us and to the child we sponsor.

    • My guess is that the reason the dungeon chose to feature a fictional African child rather than one from Bangladesh or anywhere near the Indian subcontinent is to emphasize that this kid is FICTIONAL. The less accurate the Dungeon story the less likely people are to associate it with real people and places. That’s why I don’t think it should be considered offensive to anyone individual sponsored by the club and why I would suggest deleting this kid’s name from your response. You’re the one who brought his name into the discussion. He has a right to privacy. His name does NOT belong here.

      As for your complaints about “religious persecution” remember that you are a Christian in the United States of America and all of the privilege that entails. You may not notice how lucky you are. Religious persecution should be the LAST of your worries. But should you find someone poking a little bit of fun at you or faith just close your eyes and thank God he made you a Christian american…NOT a Gay american.

      Peace to all!

      • I wont say anything other than..this was not poking a little fun. This was direct attack in assuming that all Christians have the same view of this and are all homophobes who think that everybody else is wrong. That is false, and that accusation I find very offensive. This was not poking a little fun, and you know that. I agree, I am lucky, but this has nothing to do with whether or not I agree with being gay.

    • I am not at all affiliated with PHS Prayer Group or even religious, and I usually don’t take offense to things meant as jokes, but Eszther, you are so completely right here and I just want to say that.

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