Athlete Wonders What His 8th Period Teacher is Like

Princeton High School Athlete John Mayburn ‘15 pondered last Friday what his eighth period teacher might be like. An avid sports enthusiast and three-season athlete, Mayburn has spent limited time in his eighth period English class. Although he enjoys his many athletic endeavors, Mayburn wonders if he might have liked his his teacher, Mr. Thompson, had he the chance to get to know him.

“I’m pretty sure my eighth period class is English,” Mayburn told The Dungeon on the ride to one of his track meets. “Yeah, it definitely is. My teacher seems nice enough, but I haven’t really gotten the chance to know him yet. At least, I think it’s a ‘him’…”

“Mayburn who?” replied Jared Thompson, longtime PHS English teacher, when asked about his student’s absence.

“Sometimes when I’m on the way to a game, I wonder what my English class is doing,” continued Mayburn. “I hear that earlier this year they read a book about some chick banging a minister. I was so disappointed that I missed it. I would have loved to have read that.”


One thought on “Athlete Wonders What His 8th Period Teacher is Like

  1. yall have such great potential. an article like this should be the gold standard for what you’re doing – related to the school, relevant without being overly topical, not offensive, and a good enough joke that you don’t need to push it through meandering sentences.

    but then I see articles like the “transgender table” or the “Beyonce album” one, and I’m dissapointed that you’re only occasionally rising to the level that you can. I believe in you. the school believes in you.

    show them what you got.

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