Principal Snyder Conveniently Chaperones Orchestra Trip to Amsterdam

The Dungeon has confirmed that Principal Gary Snyder is en route to the Netherlands with PHS Orchestra, despite having been notably absent from both PHS Band’s Trip to Berklee College of Music and PHS Choir’s gospel concert this past weekend. Snyder passed on opportunities to many visit foreign cities this year, from Beijing to Budapest, but eagerly elected to accompany the Orchestra to Amsterdam, of all places.

“Principal Snyder really appreciates orchestral music,” reports violinist Mark Donovan ‘15. “That’s definitely why he decided to come with us to Amsterdam.”

Due to his busy schedule, Principal Snyder can usually only attend one major field trip every few years. Sources confirmed that this year, the destination just happened to be Amsterdam. Snyder has cited his appreciation for the rich and unique culture of Amsterdam, as well as pure coincidence, as reasons for this decision. He has also confirmed his love of Dutch hash, a soup-like dish consisting of a variety of meats, vegetables and cheeses.

An enthusiastic collector of foreign souvenirs, Snyder has prompted a great deal of speculation as to what exotic goods he’ll purchase in Amsterdam. Upon his departure, sources confirmed that Snyder was abuzz with excitement for the journey.


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