Student Life

Sunglass Wearing Cool Kid Oblivious to Dark Hallways

Earlier today, most PHS students were shocked by the conspicuous lack of light in the hallways. This, however, was not the case for Kyle Stevenson ‘17, whose signature Oakley shades never leave his face. The tinted, polarized, incredibly cool eyewear prevented the stud from noticing any difference.

Friends of the modern-day James Dean confirmed that he has yet to recognize that the lights are off. “Kyle’s a bit of a free spirit,” John Mayburn ‘15  told The Dungeon. “He likes to play by his own rules. Sometimes that means being completely unaware of his surroundings. What can I say, he’s a maverick.”

This is not the first time that Stevenson’s attitude of utter nonchalance has made him blissfully ignorant of the world around him. The recent bout of snow days also went unnoticed by the cool cat, who was characteristically skipping school anyway.


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