Student Life

Substitute Teacher Overwhelmed with Requests for Letters of Recommendation

Princeton Public School’s substitute teacher Mr. John Falcrow, notably absent from PHS today, was, in fact, at home writing letters of recommendation for students applying to college. He told Dungeon reporters this morning that he was “flooded with requests for letters” and “overwhelmed” with the volume thereof. Falcrow is in extremely high demand as a source of recommendations, probably because of the incredibly prominent role that he plays in the lives of so many students.

“He’s really influenced me,” John Mayburn ‘15 told the Dungeon “the four periods we’ve had together over the course of my three years here have made a huge difference.”

Thanks to Mr. Falcrow, countless PHS graduates have gone on to major in the budding field of substitute teaching at schools such as Harvard, Stanford, George Mason University at Fairfax, and Yale.

“They say you’re supposed to get a teacher who’s good at writing,” recalled Falcrow. “I did sub for English once, so maybe that’s it.”



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