Tower Sports Section a Hit Among Sports Section Editors

The Tower sports section has finally found an avid fanbase: the editors and staff of The Tower sports section. As of earlier this week, the sports section has officially declared its own editors to be its main target demographic. The section saw a massive spike in readership following its decision to distribute copies of the section at Tower production meetings.

“I was really impressed with all the hard work the sports section editors have put in!” says sports section editor Rebecca Richards ‘15. “Reading this month’s sports section was the most fun I’ve had since editing this month’s sports section.”

While other sections such as News and Features and Vanguard have cultivated a large readership that spans many demographics, the sports section has found a niche market in their own editors. At press time, however, most editors admitted that after revisiting the latest sports section, it was, in fact, “not worth reading.”

The Dungeon Department of Athletic Journalism can confirm that the sports section is a slam dunk!


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