Numina Gallery Violates Fire Code by Attracting Dangerously High Amount of Visitors

The Princeton Fire Department has officially accused the Numina Gallery of disregarding Princeton’s fire code by drawing an overwhelming amount of foot traffic. The Fire Department has stated that it “understands that the Numina Gallery is a real hot spot for PHS students,” but that, for safety’s sake, Numina must either increase its size or find some way to control the massive influx of eager PHS students who flock to the gallery daily.

PHS students have been somewhat hostile to the Fire Department’s statement. “I don’t care if I’m putting my life in danger,” says Kyle Stevenson ‘15. “I’m going to spend my free time in the Numina Gallery if it kills me.” The connoisseurs refuse to accept any ruling that separates them from the artistic brilliance that is the freshmen Odyssey Projects.

Numina Gallery leaders feel that any attempts to curb the quantity of gallery visitors would be in vain. “Everyone loves the Numina Gallery,” club president Jessica Mayburn ‘14 told The Dungeon. “Some students visit us as often as four times per day. The administration is thinking of having Prom in the Numina Gallery this year. To take away the Numina Gallery is to take away the heart of PHS.”


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