“101 Talent Show” Renamed “101 Show”

In an effort to improve the accuracy of their event’s title, representatives from the 101 Fund community service group have decided that this year’s “101 Talent Show” shall be referred to simply as the “101 Show.”

“A few days ago, we were looking over the list of acts for the show, and we realized that the title ‘101 Talent Show’ didn’t really fit the performance too well.” says 101 Fund president Sasha Reynolds ‘16. “We feel that the title ‘101 Show’ does a much better job of telling the people what this event is all about. We don’t want to get anyone’s hopes too high here.”

Club members have confirmed that the names of the acts will also change. For example, The Cat’s Meow’s “a capella” performance will be referred to by the far less misleading term “attempted harmony.” Similarly, Just Wing It’s performance will be titled not “improv comedy,” but rather, “some group you probably haven’t heard of trying to hold your attention.”

Four community service leaders from the 101 Fund and seven other club members have informed The Dungeon that, despite the name change, they still expect at least eleven spectators at the event.


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