Student Life

Prom-inent Student Prom-poses Via Prom-egranate

Earlier today, prominent PHS student John Mayburn ‘15 delivered an impromptu promposal, by hiding a promissory note, which read “Prom?”, in junior Andrea Schultz’s promegranate. The promposal occurred at appromximately 3:45 P(ro)M, outside of the Promforming Arts Center. Mayburn allegedly considered concealing the note in a promelo, but later decided that a promegranate would be the optimal fruit for his promposal, which most spectators described as very apprompriate and not at all promfane.

A visibly nervous Mayburn reportedly promtificated for some time before promviding his date-to-be with the somewhat prompous display of affection. Despite his nervousness, Mayburn was able to maintain a promfessional appearance. Sources confirmed that Schultz, a cheerleader, was so elated by the promposal that she had to put down her prom-proms.

The Dungeon can confirm that Mayburn had initially planned to deliver his promposal in the library. Unfortunately he was banned from the library earlier this week when he was caught using school computers to watch prom.


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