Student Life

The Dungeon’s Year In Review

It’s been a great year, PHS.  We’ve come along way since last September. To commemorate PHS’s achievements, The Dungeon has gathered the following quotes that embody the spirit of this wonderful year.

“We really hope that the school board responds to our demands soon, so that we can finally wash these t-shirts.”

– The Princeton Regional Education Association (PREA)

“Please buy our flash drives. C’mon.”

-Speech and Debate

“Yearbook has been able to accomplish so many wonderful things this year. I’m very proud of us.”

– Jai Nimgoftutsjgsalghkshgafasoidulaigar (make sure to spell check this one), Yearbook Editor

“I am a terrible Principal.”

– [name withheld]

“We were very productive this year, holding many successful baked sales–I mean bake sales…”

-Illuminati Club

“This year, our group’s efforts went largely unnoticed.”

– SADD, Teen PEP, Princeton Filmmaking Club, Young Republicans Club, True Blue, The Cast of Shakespeare’s Star Wars, GAIA, Democrats Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes

“Every year, we get all the singers Cloud 9 doesn’t want. Fortunately, this allows us to have members of multiple races.”

– The Cat’s Meow

“We just realized The Dungeon is a satirical newspaper. Oops.“

-Prayer Group

“What a wonderful year it’s been. We’re so proud to preside over a school that so many wonderful clubs are part of–clubs like Princeton Peru Partnership, Bike Club, Princeton Tiger Tech… the list goes on. We love these groups and they love us.”

– The PHS Administration

“Dim dim da da da jem jem shooby doo da da da da”

– Around Eight

“We would like to thank our counterparts over at The Dungeon for providing the PHS community with journalism so accurate, thorough and hard-hitting that their accomplishments shall forever serve as the gold standard for all journalistic endeavors. We’ll see you guys at next year’s Columbia Scholastic Press Conference!”

– The Tower

“Nobody reads The Dungeon.”

-The Tower Sports Section

“Thank you for a spectacular year, PHS. What a journey it’s been.”

-John Mayburn, ‘15

“Check out these 22 cats who wish they were surfer dudes!.”


The Dungeon would also like to award the following end-of-the-year superlatives:

Cutest Couple That Never Was: The Ivy and readers

Worst Case of Senioritis: Jeff Melillo

Most Likely to Show up Late to a Party: Spork

Best Activity to Have Older Siblings In: A Capella

New High Score: Kids who hang out in Mrs. Elia’s room

Most Wasted Potential: The Dungeon



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