Student Life

Survey Finds Two Thirds of Students Left Summer Packet at Home, One Third Forgot to Hand it in

A recent survey conducted by The Dungeon Department of Mathematics-Related Misunderstandings has unearthed new data  concerning the summer homework habits of PHS students. Two-thirds of the PHS student body left their summer work packet at home, while the remaining third had it “right in [their] backpack” and “just completely forgot to hand it in. Whoops.”


The Dungeon reached out to Algebra teacher Mrs. Stein for comment on the matter. She responded that “it certainly is quite strange,” and that “we usually get all of the students’ packets on the first day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a student hand in their packet later.”

When asked for his opinion on the curious revelation, an anonymous sophomore remarked “Oh sh–” and immediately navigated to the Math Department’s home page on the nearest computer before asking “wait, dude, did we have reading to do too?”



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