Democrats Club Renamed “PHS Students Club”

In order to clarify the significance of the club and remedy a point of redundancy that has caused confusion in the PHS community for years, the Princeton High School Democrats Club has renamed itself. From here on out, the club will be known as the PHS Students Club.

“We felt the new name better represented our club’s constituency,” club president Roger Martinez told the Dungeon. “Given the total overlap between the two groups, we see no reason not to simply brand ourselves as the PHS Students.”

The new PHS Students club will continue to carry out the many important functions of the Democrats Club. These include fostering much needed community support for the Democratic Party, encouraging left-minded political discourse, and, most importantly, talking about how much they love Obama.

The club’s vice president, Barack Quincy Adams ‘15 told The Dungeon “We’re so glad that we can finally change our name. Honestly, I don’t know why it took so long, I haven’t seen a Republican at PHS since freshman year.” Republicans Club declined to comment.

Democrats Club is not the only club that has rebranded itself as of late. Its primary rival, the Republicans Club, is updating its mission statement in order to focus more on the group’s top priority, “wearing Sperrys and salmon-colored shorts.” Additionally, PHS’s non-partisan group of political enthusiasts, JSA, will now be known as “Don’t Forget We Exist.” Even some non-political groups have joined the trend of renaming clubs to reflect their membership. The Testostertones are now going as “Senior Boys” and the Speech and Debate Team will heretofore be known as the “Speech and Gentlemen’s Argumentation Society”. Princeton High Ultimate Club, or PHUC, for those of you who were wondering, has elected to keep its name.



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