Student Life

Ambitious Sophomore Already Lying About Community Service Hours

Following Wednesday’s Community Service Fair PHS Sophomore Vivian Leigh ‘17 told reporters that she has already started lying about her Learning in the Community (LINC) project. While some students will procrastinate making up acts of community service until the spring, this diligent worker has decided to get a head start on her deception.

“I figured since I’m going to be lying about my hours all year,” Leigh explained, “I might as well start now. I don’t want to wait and get stuck lying about all 50 hours right at the end.”

At the moment Leigh is lying about her participation in True Blue, but made it clear to the press that she may switch her fictitious affiliation to the IDEAS Center at some point in the coming weeks in an attempt to not help the community in as many ways as possible.

While it may seem early in the year for students to begin lying about community service participation, Leigh argues that the most successful community service groups have “been lying since day one”, her most notable example being Princeton Peru Partnership.


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