Student Life

Spirit Week Allows Students to Hate School While Wearing Pajamas

Spirit week comes only once a year, but PHS students have, year after year, taken advantage of the opportunities it provides. Throughout most of the year, PHS students endure soul-crushing routines and mountains of busywork, all inflicted by an institution they quickly learn to despise. During Spirit Week, however, students despise this institution while wearing pajamas.

“You don’t see the kids behave this way during any other week of the year,” said assistant principal Dave Schubert. “Usually, our students are cynical, angry, and self-centered. Now, thanks to Spirit Week, they’re cynical, angry, self-centered, and wearing pajamas!”

During Spirit Week, a change comes over PHS’s students. A change of clothes, specifically. PHS students shed their irritable attitudes and Urban Outfitters tops in favor of irritable attitudes and their favorite pair of jammies. Wearing pajamas allows teenagers to reconnect to their childlike senses of joy and wonder, an effect that is immediately reversed upon their entering PHS.

Pajama Day is not the only day of Spirit Week that has attracted much attention. Superhero Day was an astounding success. This year, many students dressed up as the famed “DC Man,” wearing the hero’s signature costume of jeans and a “DC Comics” t-shirt. Twin Day however, garnered little participation; despite many students coincidentally wearing matching outfits, very few sets of twins showed up to school.

Unlike spirit week at most high schools, Spirit Week at PHS is not a chance to rally in support of the school’s, popular, consistently successful, record-winning football team, nor is it a chance to appreciate the understanding, supportive and encouraging administration that governs the school. Go Tigers!


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