Teachers Threaten to Wear Even Bluer Shirts

In light of recent negotiations, teachers seeking a more favorable contract have picketed outside school, canceled AP review sessions, and worn blue t-shirts. Despite the severity of these actions, the school board has yet to meet the teachers’ demands. Finding no other options, teachers have, in a potentially game-changing move, threatened to wear even bluer shirts.

“We didn’t want it to have to come to this,” said math teacher Linda Milligan-Fielder. “But the administration has given us no choice but to up the ante, blue-wise. Our previous tee shirts tended to fall somewhere in the area of #2C5EAB. Unfortunately for our detractors, we’ve now moved on, all the way up to #26569E.” The Dungeon Department of Color-Related Legal Disputes and its subsidiaries have concluded that the shirts, which were formerly Zaffre in color, are now a distinct International Klein Blue.

The contract dispute has been recognized as the most intense conflict between the teachers and the board since the board’s attempt to expose the interior of the English office, a standoff that was ultimately won by the teachers.

In an interview with the Tower, PHS’s secondary news outlet, Assistant Superintendent Lewis Goldstein stated that “Princeton is one big family … Sometimes families disagree. Sometimes families can agree to disagree, too.” What Goldstein didn’t mention is that sometimes families can disagree so much that parents separate, forcing their children to choose a side, which studies show can have a negative effect on a child’s education.


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