PREA Forgets to Have Picket Signs Stamped by Ms. Lygas

For the past few weeks, PPS teachers have staged a series of bold protests, criticizing the Board of Education for failing to provide them with a fair and reasonable contract. Despite the teachers’ valiant efforts, the BOE has consistently ignored their requests and stymied negotiation efforts. The Dungeon has uncovered one reason for the protests’ lack of success: the teachers neglected to have their picket signs officially approved and stamped by Ms. Lygas, Dean of Students.

“Ms. Lygas calls the shots,” says English teacher Thomas Barkley. “Nothing gets done without her blue stamp. Nothing. Neglecting to have it affixed to our picket signs was a severe oversight on our part.”

Unfortunately for the teachers, there are no exceptions to the stamp rule, and only Ms. Lygas, Dean of Students, wields the unchecked power of the stamp. In accordance with school policy, the PHS custodial staff has been instructed to tear down all PREA picket signs until the stamp issue is resolved.

“As Dean of Students, Ms. Lygas must carefully regulate the dissemination of posters in the PHS community,” Assistant Personal Finance teacher Sarah Irwin told The Dungeon. “Our extralegal poster creation measures completely cut her out of the process, and for that we would like to apologize to her, Princeton High, and the entire Princeton community.”

PREA is not the only organization to experience difficulties with PHS’s poster approval process. Ms. Lygas has rejected posters for PHS UNICEF Club, as punishment for the club’s failure to contain the Ebola crisis, and for Model UN, whose misuse of the term “Kenya” was an example of flagrant cultural appropriation. PHS’s Food Blog Club, however, has had immense success in getting its posters approved.

The Dungeon Department of Conspiracy Accusations would like to note that the BOE, despite rejecting teachers’ demands for a fair contract, has approved a 2.4% raise for all administrators, including Ms. Lygas. Was her absolute power over all sign-approval related decisions a factor in such a move?



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