Students to Sparknote Spectacle Theatre Production of Jane Eyre

On the heels of last year’s literature-turned-theatre smash hit Shakespeare’s Star Wars, the PHS Drama Seminar class is preparing for another performance inspired by a classic work of fiction: Jane Eyre. For this show, however, students plan on flocking not to the PAC, but to their computers and cell phones. The overwhelming majority of PHS students plan on using the popular site Sparknotes to view online summaries of the play.

“I thought about not seeing it at all,” William Boyd ‘17 told The Dungeon. “But I figured I’d better check it out on Sparknotes, just in case there’s a reading quiz.”

The play features the school’s highest level drama class in a period piece replete with an authentic set and costumes. The Sparknotes website features an easy-to-use interface  and plenty of study break options in its wildly popular “Sparklife” column. For most students, the choice is clear.

“I have way too many lines,” said one of the play’s leads under conditions of anonymity. “Fortunately, Sparknotes had a convenient summary of all my character’s dialogue and blocking, so I’m ready to perform.”

Early reactions to the play have been mixed, with critics calling the production “better than Star Wars” and “the one with the three weird sisters, right?”. One astute viewer noted that “Brontë uses diction, metaphor, and symbolism to strengthen the contrast between Jane and Mr. Rochester and advance the theme that love will triumph over adversity.”


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