Upcoming Interactive Spork Issue to Include Entire Rotisserie Chicken in Centerfold

In an effort to expand its horizons and pave the way for new forms of food-based media, Spork, PHS’s culinary magazine, has introduced an issue that includes an entire Whole Foods roasted rotisserie chicken in its centerfold. This feature will allow readers to enjoy an innovative, multi-media food experience that culinary journalists once dismissed as inconceivable.

“We believe that this is an important step for our institution and for [culinary journalism] as a whole,” Spork Copy Editor Anna Sten ‘16 told The Dungeon. “We’re really taking it to the next level in terms of what our readers can experience. By the way, the chicken comes with two napkins and a plastic spork, so readers can eat it directly out of the magazine. I’m proud to be a part of this new golden age of journalism.”

Spork’s daring new issue has enjoyed considerable acclaim among students and teachers, but it has not been without its detractors. Vegetarians initially reacted very negatively to the idea of an inserted chicken, due to its failure to comply with their dietary restrictions.

But the Spork editorial staff has remained undaunted by the criticism. Vegetarians ultimately found solace in the fact that, to complement the centerfold, each page of the article following the fowl itself is to be slathered with a different sauce, none of which contain meat. “We really went all out with the sauces,” said Sten. “We have flavors from all around the world, such as barbecue sauce, ketchup, and ranch dressing.”

This trailblazing article has come on the heels of other remarkable achievements made by the publication, including publishing an editorial piece on Hoagie Haven entitled “It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Phat Lady Sings” (you’re welcome, Spork editors) and giving the PHS cafeteria a perfect four-star rating. In light of its newfound status at the forefront of culinary journalism, Spork has announced that it will soon change its name to Spife to reflect its cutting edge commentary on the food world.

In an effort to follow Spork’s courageous steps to revolutionize journalism, The Dungeon has instituted a similarly delicious feature. Lick your screen and experience the future of reporting!


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