Student Life

Just a Reminder: Acceptance Rates Are Pretty Low

PHS is abuzz with excitement and anxiety over impending early college decisions, many of which come out in the next few days. Eagerly awaiting the results of applications to their top choice schools, PHS seniors are more nervous than ever. The Dungeon would like to remind these seniors that acceptance rates remain very low.

For those of you applying to the nation’s most elite institutions of higher learning, acceptance rates may even be in the single digits. To the 7% of you who do get into these schools, congratulations! To the other 93%, you can’t possibly say that you didn’t see this coming.

“Right now, we’re in a period of time during which getting into college could not be more difficult,” admissions expert Roger Johnson told The Dungeon. “Honestly, acceptance rates are abysmal. They are really, really low.”

Johnson went on to confirm that even for in-state applications, acceptance is far from guaranteed.  “Guidance encourages most students at PHS to apply to Rutgers,” the professional admissions analyst continued. “At the end of the day, that’s still a school where around 40% of the applicants don’t get in.”

“I’ve done a lot of things at PHS,” John Mayburn ‘15 told the Dungeon “but getting into college has not been one of them. And odds are it never will be. You will also probably not get into college.” Students like Mayburn serve to demonstrate how competitive the admissions process has become. Even with superb grades, outstanding test scores, myriad extracurriculars and excellent essays, Mayburn and similarly qualified students have, and we cannot stress this enough, very little reason to feel confident right now. “It’s not the end of the world,” Mayburn continued “If you think your situation is bad, think about students who wasted their entire high school careers writing goofy articles on the internet.”

In case the message hasn’t become clear yet, most of you will not be accepted to your top choice school. Go Tigers!


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