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Administration Announces New Spirit Week Days


School Spirit

To spruce up this week’s second consecutive year of Spirit Week and Homecoming celebrations, the administration and PTO have decided to change up theme days from previous years. Here are this year’s new and exciting days, which will culminate in Saturday’s “Anti-drug, anti-alcohol, safety prioritized, yet majorly entertaining” Homecoming dance.


Monday: School Policy Day

In celebration of last week’s handbook meeting, students must come to class dressed as their favorite school policy. From rules against using cellphones to regulations banning minor to severe felonies, there are many choices for adolescents hoping to promote diverse aspects of local behavior code. This day replaces last year’s unsuccessful “Media Consent Form Day.”


Tuesday: Favorite Administrator Day

To celebrate the self-proclaimed “local superheros” at PHS, the administration has brought Favorite Administrator Day back into the rotation of Spirit Week days after a ten year hiatus due to “misconduct among students dressing as administrators they did not value most.” In an exclusive Dungeon interview, Principal Snyder, who has been anticipating the return of this day, said “I hope students make the right decision of who to dress as and incorporate the number of tweets seen from each member of the main office.”


Wednesday: Freshman (et al.) Skip Day

Downsizing the wildly unpopular “Hurricane Sandy Week” from several years ago, planners of Spirit Week decided to give Freshmen hump day off this year. “Freshman are overworked and really need a day off to study for that bio test,” said Assistant Principal Laurie Bax. “And while we were at it, we decided to let everyone have a free day.”


Thursday: D Day

What’s more exciting than waking up and remembering that you only have one period of science class? Administrators know the value of D days, so they decided to give everyone a field day and let them have gym, health, or driver’s ed this Thursday. “I’m going to make my first period students work extra hard for this D day,” said certified athletic trainer Henry Smith. “Health and fitness yeah!”


Friday: Jazzberry Jam Magenta and Magic Mint Green Day
Trashing the clichéd and overrated “Blue and White Day,” PHS officials have announced a new, more zany color day. Citing a Buzzfeed article about odd Crayola color names, the administration hopes that you will enjoy scrounging department stores for this specifically colored outfit to put a great end to Spirit Week 2015!


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