Student Life

No-Homework Weekend Gives Students Time to Catch Up on Homework

As the first district-wide “no-homework weekend” comes to a close, students who spent all weekend catching up on homework were disappointed to find out it was already Sunday night. Encouraged to engage in other activities that homework typically prevents, such as breathing at a normal rate and sleeping with their eyes closed, many students instead found themselves working continuously as usual.

“I really appreciated the no-homework weekend,” said sophomore Vincent Gideon. “I had a bunch of assignments that I needed to get done.”

Indeed, most students praised the no homework weekend as an effective way to get their work done in an almost timely manner. “I had a physics lab due last Wednesday and an essay from Tuesday,” said senior May Roberts. “The no-homework weekend gave me the time I needed to only get 10 and 30 percent taken off of those assignments.”

Although teachers were prohibited from giving specific assignments due Monday, some found loopholes to the rule. “My teacher told me I had to read The Scarlet Letter once a day from the day we got it until the day when the sin of my AP English III grade is purged,” said junior Tracey Ellison. Ellison still had 134 pages to go that day.

When asked to respond, teachers dodged questions. “Let’s just say we’re being ambiguous,” said English teacher John Barratt. “Not to be confused with being vague. There’s a large difference between being vague and being ambiguous. I’d tell you the difference, but you should read The Scarlet Letter over the weekend to find out.” Barratt then told reporters that doing the reading was completely optional, but it would be unfortunate if there was an “in-class assignment about the reading” upon return from the no-homework weekend.

Some students couldn’t even avoid work when they tried. “My gym teacher told me to stay active over the weekend,” said Irene Thompson. “I tried my hardest to not complete this assignment out of principle, but then my mom made me walk the dog.”Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 2.23.01 PM


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