Student Life

Facebook Users Blessed With Tasteful, Unique, and Creative Senior Collages

Thanksgiving came early for many Facebook users this year as they woke up to find their newsfeeds filled with wonderfully diverse and creative senior collages. The creators of these beautiful works of art used a variety of mediums, including drawing, having their dog barf on paper, and using the highly popular and critically acclaimed

“I’ve been waiting years to make this and this has really been a culmination of ideas I’ve come up with all along the way,” said Taylor Soper, a senior whose collage consists of an enlarged and pixelated picture of poorly cut out heads on a movie poster accompanying a quote that emphasizes her occasional distaste for but overall love of the PHS community as a calm and giving one.

Art teacher Erika Malthus praised the PHS custom as “a great tradition” and went on to say that the collages were “a great way for PHS students to get a start in the visual arts. After all, even greats like Rembrandt, Picasso, and Pollock, all started their careers as collage artists.”

To further emphasize the collage culture of the season, the Numina Gallery hosted a show last Friday that showcased these commendable pieces. Jim Preston ‘16 enjoyed “really get[ting] to use all the creative skills [he’s] learned throughout the years at PHS”, stating that the collage is “an embodiment of all our time here. It features what we here at Numina like to refer to as ‘the 3 Fs: Friends, Faces, and the Fear of moving away from the only place you’ve ever called home.”

The staff of The Prince, PHS’s yearbook, expressed their appreciation for seniors who had finished their collages already and urged those who hadn’t to hurry up as they “are really really strict with deadlines.” and yearbook editor Kathy Halshin ‘16 continued “No, seriously. Please get your collages in on time. You’ve had months.”


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