Student Life

Group Members Go Offline Right After Student Messages Them About Working on Project

After many hours of AP English III reading, PHS junior Remy Johnson reported last week that his physics group members went offline right after being messaged about starting work on their lab.

The lab, which was due the next day, required complicated error analysis that nobody wanted to do. “There was about five seconds between when the message was delivered and when everyone went offline,” Johnson said. “I didn’t really want to work on it alone, so I just gave up and went to bed.”

Johnson went on to explain the worst part. “I know they definitely saw it. It even said ‘seen by Mary’ until she went back and marked it as unread,” he said. Group member senior Mary Picard told Dungeon reporters “I wish that damn read receipt never existed.”  

Fortunately, the group had an eager underclassman who, having taken three years worth of physics over the summer, carried the group by completing the entire lab during second period the next day. They received a well-deserved A-.

When asked about how many labs were turned in on time, physics teacher Mary Lang declined to comment. seen-facebook


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