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Studio Band Students Excited to Do Homework In Spain and Portugal

A new survey conducted by the Dungeon showed that 71% of Studio Band musicians were looking forward to bringing their homework to a different continent when they go on tour in Spain and Portugal this week. “A change in scenery will be nice,” said John Thatcher ’18, a trumpeter for the band. “I’ve heard that Barcelona is surrounded by some really beautiful mountains. Plus, the hotel is supposed to have a really quiet work area and fast Wi-Fi, so I’ll always have access to SparkNotes if I need it.”

When asked if she was planning to do anything else besides work while in Europe, Sarah Smith ’16 replied: “Oh I don’t know. I don’t really care for sightseeing. Calculus is more important anyways. But maybe I’ll step out for an hour or two and catch some sun. And don’t they have churros in Spain or something?”

The band will be playing in Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, and Lisbon, and will be visiting music conservatories and schools. “Who knows, maybe the kids over in Spain can help me with my Spanish essay,” said Smith.

Though many are happy with traveling to Europe despite the copious amounts of homework they must bring along, some students will have to deal with brutal expectations from their most important classes. “My gym teacher is insisting that we participate in her health class every day via Skype,” said Matt Leeman ’17. “So I have to make sure that I’m back at the hotel in time for 7th period, which, because of the time difference, is right in the middle of dinner.”

Studio Band leaves for tour tonight, and we at the Dungeon wish them the best of luck and expect many pictures of the hotel rooms they will be staying in.



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