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What Are the Odds? Everyone But You Gets Into Their Top Choice School

In an event unprecedented in the history of Princeton High School everyone but you has been accepted to their top choice college. As shouts of joy rang out in the halls of PHS and jubilant statuses popped up on Facebook feeds throughout the greater Princeton area, sources confirmed that you were the only one rejected from their Early Decision I school. Reportedly, even that kid with no extracurriculars and a lower GPA than you got in.

Although acceptance rates for applicants’ Early Decision schools ranged as low as 6%, 100% of PHS applicants were admitted, with the exception of you. The senior class breathed a collective sigh of relief as the stress of having to write multiple supplements for Regular Decision schools within the next few weeks ceased to be of concern, except for you.

“This is the culmination of the PHS community’s hard work, and all of you who just got into college should be very proud of yourselves,” said PHS college counselor Linda Russell. When asked about you, Russell recommended that you “should probably spend the night finishing up homework.”


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