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We Had a Bunch of Ideas For an Article, but Then Our Moms Said “No!”

You’ve probably noticed that your most trusted news source has been absent from this week’s flurry of articles, both local and national, about PHS.

That’s because here at The Dungeon, we pride ourselves in providing you with the best content possible. And believe us, when this story broke we had plenty of stances to take and write up about in our heads. Unfortunately, there was one looming, unavoidable obstacle standing in our way. That’s right: our moms. They nag us about our laundry, but they also tell us when it’s okay to write an article and when it’s not.

“Honey, we just don’t think that you should get yourself mixed up in all this beer pong and nazi business” said one mother, who went on to assure us that she and the other mothers were only saying this because they loved us.

So there you have it, we really wish we could tell what we would write if we were allowed but, for obvious reasons, we can’t.

We hope you understand our dilemma, although if you’re really desperate, you could always try to imagine what we would write if it weren’t for our moms. They said that might make you feel better.


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