Student Life

Sad Senior Realizes Only Legacy Is Selfies Taken on Language Department iPads

With only one full week left of school, seniors across PHS are thinking about both new beginnings and how far they’ve come over four years. Clubs, murals, and 2016 senior prank cards will be some of the legacies seniors leave behind, but unfortunately Princeton High will forget almost everything about its outgoing students. For most students, in many years only one long lasting legacy will remain—selfies taken on the language department iPads.

Though it’s sad to think about, some members of the class of 2016 are turning it into a positive. “Students will always be able to see those low resolution pictures I screenshotted from Google images along with all those videos I took goofing off in the hall when I was supposed to be working,” said senior Rachel Jordan.

Not all students feel as comforted. “It’s really sad to think about,” senior Richard Jones said through his tears, “but at least I made my selfie the wallpaper.”

As the class of 2016 walks down the halls one last time next week, seniors will think back to the many memories made at PHS. Winning the big game, skipping class, taking the stage for that solo, and being so late to a class that it was essentially skipping. But one group of memories sticks out for every student as they take their diplomas. “Taking a picture of my spanish teacher on the iPads,” as Ryan Barnes put it, “then making it into a meme.”



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