Student Life

Survey: We Asked 10 Seniors What They Found while Cleaning their Lockers

  1. Our Homework

Seriously. We swear.


  1. Mr. Carnap’s English II class code

Too bad it was found in the locker of Leah Murphy, who was already expelled for assumed plagiarism.


  1. A copy of The Odyssey

Now if that’s not symbolism, then I don’t know what is. Seriously, I might not know what symbolism is.


  1. Turf beads



  1. A PSAT practice book

A reminder of bygone days when motivation flowed freely and self hatred was something that happened to other people.


  1. Gary Snyder

So that’s where he went!


  1. A patagonia jacket

Don’t worry, it was never lost, John Mayburn just put it in his locker this morning. It just so happens that it was still there when he was cleaning out all the old stuff.


  1. A freshman

The little pests get smaller and smaller every year. Who knows, maybe you’ll find another in your backpack.


  1. A book from the Learning Commons

Just kidding, no one gets books from the classroom.


  1. A copy of the Tower

Angelina Rye didn’t realize how much trash she actually had in her locker.



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