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The Dungeon’s Year in Review

2016: Year of the Blog

“I derive immense pleasure from making high schoolers stand outside for a half hour or so.”

-Whoever made those swatting calls

“It’s been a pleasure doing business with you PHS.”


“Let’s check to see if there’s a new Dungeon article today.”

-Sadly misled readers

“Phew, that was a close one!”

-Owner of the hand in the beer pong photo

“Please buy our shirts.”1

-The Dungeon

1We still have some shirts please message us if you’re interested please we’re accumulating credit card debt.

“And now for the fun fact of the week: we suck!”

-Tiger News

“We love Princeton High School!”

-The good people of Seaside Heights

“For five thousand years I’ve waited to ascend to the throne of Principal of Princeton High, and I’ve finally made it.”

-[name withheld]

“Let’s just dispel this rumor that the PHS administration doesn’t know what they’re doing, they know exactly what they’re doing.”

-Marco Rubio

2016 Dungeon Superlatives:

Most emotional assembly: The handbook meeting

Cutest couple that never was: Debate and an advisor

Most likely to stand you up for prom after requesting that you ask: Spork (we have screenshots)

Most improved: School reputation

Most likely to be ignored: The 18 absences rule

Best dressed: Teachers that know they’re being evaluated that day

Worst case of senioritis: Gary Snyder

Worst in general: The Tower



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