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English Teacher Gives Gary Snyder’s Pre-Announcements Speech a C+

PHS principal Gary Snyder was saddened to hear that an AP English III teacher had given his speech about Monday’s assembly a C+.
“This paper took me a solid 3 hours, and this is what I get?” Snyder asked, shakily holding up his planned remarks with furiously scribbled red marks obscuring the text. Among them were comments such as “Sharpen,” “Expand,” “This is a coverall,” “No,” and “You’re wrong”.
Snyder reported that most of these comments were in his introductory statement, but the body paragraphs, where “the bulk of the content was,” were left blank with the exception of a few “half-assed checkmarks.”At the end of the essay, the teacher left a note saying that he should have paid more attention during the assembly and that he should come see her for a writing conference.
Later on, Snyder was reportedly seen furtively asking the previous principal for all of his announcements in exchange for $15.highschoolteacher

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