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Athlete of the Year: Football Player John Matthews

The Dungeon is proud to announce that the 2016 Athlete of the Year is senior football player John Matthews.
“He’s just sacrificed so much for this team,” said Coach Jim Thomas. “He showed up to every single practice and game, and just worked so hard. During games, he would put his body on the line. I mean, the guy was getting hit in the head constantly, but he just soldiered on like a real man.”
Teammate and friend Hugh Johnson wasn’t surprised that Matthews was given the award: “Haha, yeah man, Matthews was amazing this season. He wasn’t afraid of getting hit hard if it meant we could gain that extra yard, y’know? I mean, he must’ve gotten at least five concussions this season. And he worked hard even when he didn’t have to. Like after practice, he’d run in circles for hours, I guess to improve his stamina or something.”
Biology teacher Jessica Hilton was also impressed by the young man’s determination, albeit with some concern. “I’m proud of him because he worked hard on doing something he loved, but his football playing has definitely hurt his grade. There were always a lot of typos and spelling mistakes in his lab reports, and he always seemed dazed in class. On the off chance he did participate, he would just mumble something incoherent and then put his head down on the desk.”
Matthews’ gym teacher, Harold James, said that Matthews has always been his favorite student. “Let me tell you something,” he said. “Matthews won’t let anything get in his way. I mean this kid failed the impact test three times in two weeks, but that didn’t keep him from playing! No sir. He’s always willing to risk a few healthy years in his old age to get that win.” Matthews was physically unable to comment.

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