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Teen Pep to Take Over Driver’s Education, Dedicate Curriculum to ‘Postponing Vehicular Activity’

School Board President Beth Kingston announced at Tuesday’s meeting that the Driver’s Education course would now be taught by Teen Pep. The announcement included details to the new curriculum which dedicates 20% of teaching time to a unit entitled “Postponing Vehicular Activity.”
Kingston stated that this new unit of study would teach students that the “only 100% safe method of operating a vehicle is to not go anywhere near one.” She continued to praise the new curriculum. “there are many reasons for teenagers to want to drive, but most of them are unhealthy.”
“It just scares me to think that our kids are out there on the road,” said Angela Parker, a concerned parent who came out to the meeting to support the new curriculum. “I just want to make sure that when my child finally starts driving, he knows what he’s doing and he’s driving a car that he owns, not some flimsy rental.”
In response to critics who claim that the new Teen 
Pep curriculum omits important subject matter such as “parking” and “understanding a traffic light” Kingston  said that “while those are important to someone who’s driving, they are irrelevant to a diligent student who refuses to come within ten feet of an active roadway.”

Kingston concluded her remarks by admitting that she had no problem with simulated vehicle use, stating “Driving can wait, Forza Motorsport 8!”Image result for no driving allowed


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