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Anti-vape posters bring Juul usage among student body from 70% to under 20% overnight.

PRINCETON, NJ- Many attempts have been made by Princeton High School to curb underage use of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices, which have taken the school district’s and the nation’s youth by storm. Most efforts have proven entirely ineffective in cutting down the number of “juulers” from a record high 70% of students. Last week’s implementation of anti-vape propaganda in the form of posters hit the nail on the head, as over 50% of juulers and members of “vape nation” have abruptly quit.

The Dungeon spoke to some of the school’s most prevalent vape users, many of whom displayed personal connections with the posters. One student, Johnny Belcher, was especially moved by the poster outside the juul lounge by the main intersection.

“I leave fifth period at 11:30 every day to get tugs, but when I saw the poster “don’t Juul, just Buul” I immediately reconsidered my decisions. I used to love going back to English with a nos buzz, but once I saw that poster, I started chugging Everclear in the bathroom instead. I swear, everything is better when you’re schwasted in class. My life is completely different now.”

Belcher’s case is not uncommon- homeroom surveys conducted by The Dungeon show that there’s been roughly a 25% increase in students who think that juuling is “fugaze” since the posters went up. Some students were even affected on a spiritual level by the messages on the walls.

“Honestly, it was low-key a buzzkill to take a piss and read about how I could be highly addicted to nicotine. I started going to other bathrooms, trying to find one not littered with haters. Then, I saw this poster. I was struck me in a more profound way than I thought possible. [See figure below]

psotersAs soon as I got home that day, I joined the Church of the Latter Day Saints, and I’m proud to say that I’m now the president of my Christian Ministry. I only have two loves in my new life: God, and a little blow on the side.”

Not all members of the community are pleased with the results of the anti-vape campaign so far. The Craus Deli owner Tim Morris remains in vocal opposition to the program.

“All these kids quitting is bad for business, no one comes to my store anymore. The last time it was this empty the juul didn’t even exist. This is the first time in months that I’ve got surplus pods. If you’re reading this, I promise I won’t card.” The Craus Deli closed last weekend and Mr. Morris was last seen selling jars of “homemade spicy mustard” on Nassau Street. 

Attached below are some of the most impactful posters located around school near bathrooms. [See figures below].



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